Lenora Claire is a survivor of multiple violent crimes, advocate, activist, entertainment industry professional, CEO of Lenora Claire Consulting LLC, and member of the Los Angeles District Attorney Crime Victims Advisory Board.

After becoming the fixation of a dangerous stalker, Lenora began to speak out not only for herself but for the other 7.5 million Americans currently being stalked who find themselves without resources and living in fear.

Shortly after Lenora was named “The Erin Brockovich of Stalking” by Vice for her legislative proposals with Congressman Adam Schiff, her story went viral and she began working with victims who needed help navigating the complex worlds of law enforcement and the judicial system. Lenora has helped countless people obtain restraining orders, served as a human shield in court, and lectured on the subject of risk minimization at schools and on television and podcasts.

After Lenora’s case was featured on 48 Hours, Dr. Oz, Crime Watch Daily, CBS News and other media outlets, she began to realize that, despite the attention, it was receiving and a mountain of credible threats, law enforcement was still unable to provide the rapid intervention required. It was then that Lenora took measures to capture her stalker herself, leading to his successful conviction in 2018.

As the public face of stalking in America, Lenora began helping other victims of related crimes including sexual assault, domestic violence, revenge porn and cyber harassment, which led her to meet fellow advocate Jess Gilbert.

Sharing similar progressive views regarding inclusiveness for all who have been victimized, the duo formed The Innovative Justice Alliance to propose legislation and develop methods of prevention in the technology space.

Lenora also works as a consultant on television and film productions, advocating for victims and their families to ensure respectful depictions of their most traumatic and vulnerable moments.