Permission for publishers to copy, display and distribute the work is necessary for publishers to act as such, and publication agreements for a wide range of publishers have such provisions. [4] [11] The scope of copyright transfer contracts may go far beyond that, and “some publishers require, as far as possible, that copyright be transferred to them.” [5] This means that no one, including the authors, can reuse texts, paintings or characters in other publications without first obtaining permission from the new copyright holder. [12] (a) Transition. The buyer and seller will work together to transfer responsibility for providing voice services to customers in a controlled and timely manner, with minimal interruptions for the customer and in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements in accordance with the transition plan. Copyright transfer agreements also require authors to confirm that they do hold copyright for all documents relating to a given publication and that, in many agreements, the purpose for which copyright must be transferred has not been published in advance and should not be published elsewhere[12] in order to limit the frequency of dual publications and plagiarism. [4] [13] Affiliates by (a) public advertising or advertising, which requires by law or the rules of a stock exchange or other regulatory authority; (b) discussion of this agreement or any of the agreements or content or transactions contemplated or with senior executives, directors, employees, agents, representatives and representatives of that party and its associated entities, as well as with persons associated with it, whose approval, agreement or notice is required, as appropriate , for the resumption of these particular transactions or transactions, or (c) the performance of their rights under this agreement. contracts and legal requirements in force. Unless otherwise stated in the transitional plan, the buyer cannot contact a party or contact a party before the migration date at which these assets are transferred to the buyer.