The Model E-Publishing Agreement model is designed for authors who create stand-alone digital publications, such as e-books, and forms the basis of an electronic publishing agreement. In addition to the template, ASA e-publishing-authors also recommends reading ASA email books: Fees and Contracts. Equity has agreed with the channels of news programmes and magazines on minimum conditions: subcontractors and subcontractors in subsidized theatres. ItC negotiates on behalf of its members with the unions concerned for: administrative staff, choreographer, designers, directors, combat directors, actors, stage directors and authors. Members of the organization can get advice from our one-for-one working relations team and help our members settle disputes and negotiate contracts with industry unions. ASA`s member services include subsidized contract counselling, telephone and e-mail advice, a tutoring program for emerging authors, and access to online resources such as example agreements. Here are some of our guides on how to use these rates of pay. The Commissioned Works Agreement is intended for the commissioning of literary works. It offers a model of agreement and a discussion of the conditions that may arise in this context. This fact sheet lists some of the most common legal references used in the development, negotiation, discussion, introduction or discussion of an agreement. The theatre industry contract is a collective agreement between the AWG and the signatories, which details the usual industry conditions for playwrights. The agreement includes an agreement from the Commission, a licensing agreement and theatre agreements in the field of education and community theatre. This timetable covers the entire duration of the 2020 core agreement, but it does not replace the basic agreement.

If there is inconsistency between this timetable and the basic agreement, the basic agreement is monitored. If you have questions about the application of these minimum provisions or requirements or about categories of minimums that are not included in this schedule, or if you have a question of interpretation of the basic agreement, contact the contract department or call (323) 782-4501. ASA is a professional organization that promotes and protects the rights of writers and illustrators. The ASA tries to promote a strong literary industry by setting prices and conditions for writers. The ASA is also committed to legislative reform. This is a two-part agreement. It is used where a filmmaker asks the author of an existing literary work to make the work a film script. The option agreement gives the filmmaker exclusive rights for a certain period of time to develop treatment and find funding for the film. At the end of this period, either the option expires and all rights are reset to the author, or the sales contract comes into effect to transfer rights to the filmmaker for payment.

ASA resources are free for members; for non-members. AWG`s resources are strictly available to members. Authors and authors may find themselves in different contractual situations in different media. Whether they sign an agreement with a publisher, hire an agent or sponsor works of art for their literary work, publish their works online or produce a television script, they require contracts to indicate their rights and obligations, to ensure that their activities are expressly recognized by the parties and protected by law. The Australian Law Arts Centre (Arts Law), the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) and the Australian Writers` Guild (AWG) provide many resources for various contractual situations.