16 TERM AND TERMINATION16.1 This agreement enters into force with the signing of both parties or the publisher`s acceptance of the extension as part of the download of the extension in the Marketplace (“Date of Effect”) and will remain in effect (i) as long as Publisher has extensions on the Marketplace and 90 days later, or (ii) until they are terminated by one of the parties in accordance with these Terms. 16.2 Each party has the right to terminate this contract immediately after written notification, if the other party (i) commits a breach of the guarantee or other substantial breach of this agreement or (ii) deeds relating to any form of bankruptcy, a transfer in favour of creditors, has appointed a beneficiary, receiver or director on all or substantial part of the estate , or ceases to carry out transactions or an act equivalent to any of the above acts occurs according to the jurisdictional laws of each contracting party. 16.3 At the end or expiry of this Agreement, all rights of the parties are terminated under this Agreement (including, but not limited to, all extensions removed from the Marketplace). Any termination or expiry (i) does not exempt Publisher from its obligation to pay payments due or due to Qt Company prior to the effective date of termination, and the publisher will make all such payments to the Qt Company without delay from the effective date of termination; (ii) infringing on all end-customer rights to use the renewal delivered after or before the termination or expiry of this contract, or (iii) to change the publisher`s obligation to fulfill the obligations to provide or support extensions previously acquired or downloaded from end customers. If it appears from a review that the licensee uses the licensed software outside the licensee`s licenses, the licensee agrees to pay Qt Company all the amounts incurred for such unauthorized use within 30 days of receiving the corresponding invoice from The Qt Company. A free software license gives users of this software the right to use, modify and redistribute creative works and software that are both copyrighted and generally not licensed with proprietary software.