The Chapter Compliance Task Force has put in place the chapter compliance framework to ensure that the ISACA chapter and ISACA International have a mutually beneficial relationship in implementing the terms of the chapter`s membership agreement. This working group will continue to implement the compliance model that will come into effect in 2019. In order to achieve a harmonious implementation of the process and requirements of the chapters, the working group is revamped: the rules of the current edition of the Code of the Order of Robert are revised, the chapter regulates the chapter in all cases to which they apply and where it cannot accept the chapter in contradiction with these statutes and all the particular rules. The Chapter Committee authorizes the independent statutory auditor to pay a reasonable and customary fee to conduct an annual audit of the chapter`s finances. The chapter officials perform the tasks prescribed by these statutes as well as the specific requirements applicable to the position of each executive board in accordance with ISACA. For more details on the requirements, visit the portal section of the chapter of the ISACA website ( The names, certifications and professional affiliation of all ISACA members are visible through the ISACA membership list. The general public can see community lists, but does not have access to the membership list. Users can change their visibility in members` directory and community lists and control their profile privacy settings for their ISACA profiles and volunteer profiles here. The chapter`s board of directors approves all proposed amendments to the statutes and forwards them to the association, including amendments.

The association must approve all changes to the statutes before they are put to a vote after accession to the chapter. This website is available to ISACA members. ISACA is not responsible for the opinions and information that are published on this site by others. We offer any guarantees regarding information published on this site, whether published by ISACA or by third parties; this disclaimer includes all unspoken guarantees of market accessibility and adequacy.