3.6 If the user chooses to use the VT premises for a seat address, an annual fee of USD 60 plus VAT is levied [only in selected locations]. It is the user`s responsibility to meet all of HMRC`s legal requirements. VT will request the information necessary to complete the registration application forms of registered offices. It is the user`s responsibility to ensure that this information is accurate and undertakes to inform VT of any changes to this information or circumstances. 5.6 The user cannot engage in a competing VT transaction with the provision of service office accommodations, virtual offices and telephone answering machine. A virtual office agreement is a relatively new type of document. This document allows the provider of a virtual office to enter into a contract with a client to use this virtual office and all associated services. As more and more people work online, the use of virtual offices has increased significantly in recent years. 7.6 Any notification under this agreement must be made in writing and communicated to you satisfactorily; if it is transmitted from time to time to VT or sent by email, and to VT, if it is sent to henleaze Business Centre, 13 Harbury Road, Henleaze Bristol BS94PN or by email to charley@virtually-there.net This document is best used for the provider of a virtual office that requires an agreement for its customers.

Although this virtual office agreement can be used for both parties, it is a little more offering. This means that there are clauses that favour the supplier, as is the case with these types of documents. 2.1 The user recognizes that there is virtual desktop and phone call service and, while efforts are virtually available to respond to user requests, unusual or personalized requests cannot always be guaranteed. A virtual office can be a real building where the client can rent an office and a phone, or it may simply be an address that the customer can use for emails. There are many types of virtual office providers. This document should only be used for a virtual office. For a physical office rental contract, a commercial rental contract should be used. It should also not be used for a virtual assistant relationship, which employs an online or remote assistant.