The Lords expressed concern that insurers could use information about race or genetic makeup to increase premiums for some consumers. The ABI and the UK government have a concordat and moratorium on genetics and insurance prohibiting insurers from testing for genetics and prohibits the use of predictive genetic results in insurance, with the exception of life insurance claims valued at more than $500,000, while recognizing that insurance companies should have access to all relevant information , so that they risk fairly in the interests of all their customers. Insurers, such as health care professionals, may ask questions about existing illnesses and family health history when it is important to determine the risk that a particular consumer presents. 30. Section 3, paragraph 4, reflects this, but adds the particular characteristics or circumstances of the client that the insurer must have “known” to determine whether the client has exercised due diligence with respect to the insurance policy. This test “must have been aware” should not impose incriminating investigative obligations on the insurer, but should identify the particular characteristics and circumstances that the insurer should have noticed because of that client`s answers to that insurer`s questions, but that, for other reasons, he should not have known (or should not have known) for other reasons.” Smaller companies (annual turnover of less than 2 million and less than 10 employees) already enjoy some protection, as they fall under the jurisdiction of the FOS. Insurance is no different from other professional services that a company must obtain, for example. B accounting or legal advice, and about half of micro-enterprises acquire insurance through a consultant. This shows that the advice is widespread for those who wish to do so. If a micro-company is concerned that it will not be able to make an informed decision about insurance, it can go to an intermediary. Mark Allen, head of fraud and financial crime at the ABI, said: “The industry does not apologize for its relentless search for insurance fraudsters to protect real customers who end up paying the bill through their insurance premiums.